Education in Nova Konsalting

One of the biggest challenges of all companie today is building the team, educate and motivate them, and finding the ways to keep that team. We can assist you to overcome this challenge. With more than 3,000 successfully trained individuals in the field of accounting, taxation and consulting, we have prooved how young people can be motivated and engaged to build their career and grow into proffesionals. Our continualy improved ways to work with our trainees are based on interactive work on real life projects, individual assignments and home projects, as well as communicate and assist them in pursuing their proffesional goals.
Trained indiduals
trained individuals from legal entities
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  • - Ivona Boshovska
    - Ivona Boshovska
    Zdravje Radovo, accountant

    You were tireless in repeating things that seemed to us science fiction, but the result showed that your work gave us success.

    I sincerely hope that we will all be part of your team of successful stories, and you will be our root from which we will draw inspiration.

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