Advisory services

Start up your business

By maximally engaging of resources, PKF Nova konsalting, respond to your needs even before you start your business, and then we provide ongoing support through all stages of strategic development through which your business exceeds the competition:

  • Administrative support and consultation for open a company
  • Advice on suitable forms for registering the company and opening a new business
  • Preparation of investment and business plans.

We detect any potential problem with analysis tools

At any time, we from PKF Nova Consulting, provide you with a clear overview of your results and detect any potential problem before it affects the profitability:

  • Analyzes of Financial Statements that include calculation of indicators according to IFRS. We interpret financial data through financial analysis and indicators of liquidity, solvency, profitability.
  • We prepare a professional and expert analysis of your financial activities, thus enabling the development of your business.
  • Preparing a cash flow statement as it is  necessary to measure and progress your business.

Internal acts 

We can prepare internal acts for the efficient development of your business:

  • Procedures in operation
  • Organization of the financial sector
  • Selection of human resources
  • We prepare internal acts: accounting policies, work rules, inventory rules.

Nova Konsalting

Our moto is: "To provide confidence that you can rely on at any time!