Construction industry

Challenges in the industry

One of the biggest challenges in the construction industry is the fact that the industry is in the phase of mass-production while on the other hand the customer is asking for greater flexibility than ever before regarding the practical vs. visual aspects. The ever-growing aspect to downsize the stock and the short project deadlines just increase the challenge in working in this industry.

We offer our sectoral and financial expertise in combination with the use of high technology

We help our clients plan and execute different strategies regarding their construction projects combining technology and, sector and finance expertise.


Our clients

Our clients vary from small subcontractors to big construction companies.

Customers from this industry are the focus of our work, taking into consideration the fact that the founder of the company, Kristina Tilic, gained her work experience in a company in this industry.
Nova Konsalting

Our moto is: "To provide confidence that you can rely on at any time!