Services of control and confirmity

Control of risk management processes

The goal that we want to achieve is: 

  • You, as our client to be sure that the significant financial, managerial and operational information is accurate, checked and timely, aligned with the tax legislation, and
  • Resources are used economically and the activities of the organization are in accordance with accounting policies and procedures, concluded contracts and laws and internal acts.

What do our services include?

  • Control of accounting records and proper application of IAS, IFRS and IFRS for SMEs
  • Financial control
  • Control of compliance with the general regulation
  • Performance control
  • IT control

Control and compliance with tax regulations

We, from PKF Nova Consulting, offer our expertise, professionalism and 20 + years’ experience in:

interpretation and practical application of the laws on Value Added Tax, Income Tax and Personal Income Tax, control and compliance of your entire accounting documentation with the tax regulations - Kristina Tilic.
  • Compliance of your tax debt with tax regulations
  • Minimizing your tax debt Assistance in interpreting records of control by the tax authorities (Public Revenue Office)
  • Representing your interests in a completed conversation before PRO
  • Compilation of assessments, complaints, and complaints related to tax regulation Control of compliance of contractual obligations with tax regulation Advisory services for preparing tax returns, submitting on time, deadlines for paying taxes and other important dates.

Adopted principles by our teams

  • Providing advice supported on a legal basis and using guidelines provided by professional bodies and especially the tax administration of R.Macedonia,
  • Providing assurance that the refund of the tax is always supported by appropriate documentation, disclosures, and disclosures and legally correct interpretations.