Legal and administrative services

Legal services

The financial sector could not meet legal responsibilities and act promptly and effectively without the support of the legal sector.
Our business is structured in a way to allow proper combination of legal and accounting expertise.
Legal services that we perform for you:
  • Preparation of commercial contracts
  • Preparation of acts according to the Trade law: establishing a company, amend of the act for establishing a company (change of headquarter, founder, founding stake, name of company, opening subsidiary, etc.)
  • Preparation of acts according to the Law on Labor Relations (decisions, solutions)
  • Implementation of acts in accordance with the Labor Law (gsigning in and signing out of employees in Agency for employment, social, etc.)
  • Procedures for procurement
  • Representation of foreign entities

Administrative services

We can quickly and professionally perform for you the whole correspondence with the relevant institutions: Public Revenue Office, banks, municipalities, Central Registry, Agency for Employment, Health Fund, etc.
  • Work permits / visas
  • Paying orders
  • Submitting documents in PRO, bank, etc.
  • Applying for issuing solvency
  • Opening or change of bank account
  • Signing in and signing out of a taxpayer
  • Registering immovable property
  • Changing tax card


We are ready to analyze your financial performance in order to find answers to the following questions:
  • Is your business protected from mistakes or fraud?
  • Have you implemented the appropriate controls?
  • Is the managing of executives adequate?
  • Does the management possess credible information for decision-making?
  • Does your business comply with IAS and IFRS?
  • Do you possess effective computer system?
  • Are the databases correct?