Open a company in Macedonia

Procedure for registering / opening a company in Macedonia

The Central Register is authorized to perform all company registrations and the institution to maintain the all companies Trade Register in North Macedonia. As all foreign investors are granted the same rights and privileges as Macedonian nationals, they are entitled to establish and operate all types of self-owned private companies or joint-stock companies.

Forms of companies

In accordance with the Company Law, both Macedonian and foreign individuals or companies can establish the following types of business entities:

  • General Partnership 
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Joint-Stock Company 
  • Limited Partnership by Stock
  • Sole Proprietors

Agents for registration/open a company 


One-Stop-Shop system

Central Register has implemented a One-Stop-Shop system through which company formation in Macedonia can normally be completed within four hours (2-3 business days in practice). The One-Stop-Shop system undertakes all registration procedures with various state bodies (including the provision of a tax ID no.).

Following registration, the company must perform the following:

  • Activate the Bank Account;
  • Registration with the Public Revenue Office to obtain a VAT number; and
  • In case of foreign investment, registration of the foreign investment within the Central Registry.

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Required data and documentations for registration of limited liability company

Required data for open company in Macedonia

  • Name of the company
  • Main activity/core business (for example: Trade with….)
  • Headquarter of the company in Macedonia
  • Name of the bank in which the company will have bank account
  • Owners, Physical person: Name, surname, address of living, Copy of passport and ID card, Legal entity: Current Status of the company issued by Trade register at their native country (Act of establishing on the company of the owner) not older than 3 months
  • Authorized representative – manager: name, surname, address of living, Copy of the passport and ID card
  • Initial capital (minimum 5.000 euro).

Branch office

A foreign company can establish a branch office in Macedonia if it is registered in the Trade Register of its domicile country. The branch can perform the same activities as the foreign-domiciled company. The branch may perform activities in the name, and on behalf of, the foreign-domiciled company, including use of its name and address. Consequently, the foreign-domiciled company would incur full liability over the branch operations. 

If a foreign-domiciled company establishes several branches in Macedonia, it must designate a main branch (central branch office) in the Trade Registry. The trade name of the other branches must include the trade name of the Macedonian central branch, as well as the reference numbers of the other branch offices, according to their order of entry in the register. A foreign sole proprietor has the right to establish only one branch. The foreign company or sole proprietor must apply to the Trade Register within the Central Register for registration.

A foreign company shall appoint one or more representatives, for each branch office undertaking activities for the company in North Macedonia. The representatives appointed with the Macedonian Central Branch Office shall act as representatives of the other branches.

Representative office

A representative office of a foreign company is not a legal entity. It is only permitted to undertake activities of a research or information-gathering nature. The registration of the representation offices is performed in the Register of representation offices of the foreign companies in North Macedonia. The register is maintained within the Central Register.

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